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1/30/2012 - [Anouncement] IMG Pack V3 is coming soon...

Breaking Warriors was a big project that we wanted to give to the great community, but alot of complications came up with alot of certanties, and mainly school took up my time, now that I'm about to graduate from college, I will soon have enough time to compile a pack for you guys with graphics from the Breaking Warriors Project!! :D

UPDATES ABOUT ME, (semi has to do with website)

Yes, I am finally going back to school, its ITT / IOT (institute of technology)

The course im taking at ITT is "Web & Graphics Design" because it feels like im still limited with what i know

So that means that I will just have to update my website little by little each day, yes i've been updating it, but small things each day, (if you didnt notice) 

but anyways in other news!!!

The Updated Images are coming! tommorow, I will try my best to release, if not the next day for sure :D

(IMG Pack V2 has nothing to do with the Breaking Warriors Images except for the frett buttons)

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  As you can see this is a fairly simple site, so basically the following are gonna be in my site:

*GHTCP Guide (Guitar Hero Three Control Panel)

*Links to various songs databases for GH/FoF customization

*Links to Official and Custom GH/RB songs

*My YouTube Videos (GH Song and Customization Previews)

*Links to various FoF Themes and Custom Necks

*And a page just for Avenged Sevenfold Fans

*And more..

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