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Table of Contents:
Updates Section:

- Songs Added:
*Critical Acclaim (RB DLC)
*Almost Easy (RB2)
*Afterlife (RB DLC)
*Beast and the Harlot (GHSH)
*The Art of Subconscious Illusion (MopHead)

- Songs Added:
*Waking the Fallen (neostriker73)

- Songs Added:
*Danger Line (FlameChucks76 & furiouss)

- Changed
*Almost Easy and *Afterlife links from RB to GH5 DLC ones since i found it more accurate in the guitar parts
(and no I'm not talking about the violin and cello part of afterlife, though it is epic)

- Songs Added:
*Seize the Day (RB DLC)
*Scream (GH5 DLC)
*Girl I Know (AllThatsLeft145)
*Crossroads (AllThatsLeft145)
*Flash of the Blade (AllThatsLeft145)
*Dancing Dead (AllThatsLeft145)

- More Changes:
The link to *Waking the Fallen (davidsevenfold & neostriker73) was updated and
Guitar All Difficulties, Bass Xpert was added with a lil edit on Drums

- Changed:
The links to *Beast and the Harlot (GHSH) and *Critical Acclaim (RBDLC) have been
updated with "
song + drums.ogg" added in the packages

- Songs Added:
*To End the Rapture (theeDeadlights & davidsevenfold)
*Fiction (Furiouss, Thebocaj, & davidsevenfold)

- Songs Added:
*I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 (MopHead)
*I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 2 (MopHead)
*A Little Piece of Heaven (furiouss & davidsevenfold)
*Brompton Cocktail (Wolferacing & zct92count)

- Changed
Updated the link to *The Art of Subconscious Illusion (Mophead)

- Songs Added:
*Buried Alive (wolferacing, Typhus & furiouss)

- Changed
Updated the link to *To End the Rapture (theeDeadlights & davidsevenfold) "fixed the long notes issue on GH3"

- Songs Added:
*Paranoid [Black Sabbath Cover] (davidsevenfold)
*Bat Country (RB DLC)

- Changed
Updated the link to *Fiction (furiouss, Thebocaj, & davidsevenfold) "fixed the long notes issue on GH3"

- Songs Added:
*Chapter Four (davidsevenfold & neostriker73)
*Save Me (hickmann & furiouss)

- Songs Added:
*Nightmare (DaBackStabber666 & Typhus)
*Welcome to the Family (Anarchy24 & furiouss)
*God Hates Us (Anarchy24 & furiouss)

10/10/10 < I had to :D
- Songs Added:
*Blinded In Chains (Grinnz)

- Chart Update:
*Chapter Four (neostriker73 & davidsevenfold)

- Songs Added:
*Remenissions (mrstuprigge & davidsevenfold)

- Songs Added:
*Demons (xlarkascendingx & davidsevenfold)

- Songs Added:
*Unholy Confessions (BrianSpud33 & davidsevenfold)

*Gunslinger (DaBackStabber666 & davidsevenfold)

*Unbound [The Wild Ride] (MopHead)

- Chart Update:
*Dancing Dead (AllThatsLeft145 & Alucard0691RB)
Expert+ drums added

- Songs Added:
*And All Things Will End (MopHead)

- Songs Added:
*Synyster Gates Guitar Battle Pack (DSP21)

- Songs Added:
*4 A.M. (Syfatalityz)

12/25/10  << Merry Christmas Chart :D
- Songs Added:
*So Far Away (davidsevenfold)

- Songs Added:
*Darkness Surrounding (xXCrisS)

- Changed
Updated the link to *God Hates Us (joeromin) "better guitar chart :D"

- Songs Added:
*An Epic of Time Wasted
*Forgotten Faces
*Thick and Thin
*We Come Out at Night
(xXCrisS & furiouss)
*Eternal Rest
*Synyster Gates Live Solo
- Changed
Updated the link to
*Bat Country (GHWoR) Thanks to eodeth for Pro Drums Chart :D


A7X Discography for GH/FoF


(GH)(RB) = Songs with this next to their name means their official rips from GH/RB Games 

(NMT) = "No Master Tracks" Meaning this has ripped notes 'BUT' the seperate tracks have not been ripped

(Random Names) = The credits to the person who fretted the song

[G/B/D/M] - Indicates if it has

Difficulty will be  underlined and yellow or sometimes like this [G-Xprt,Hrd/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]



If you download the songs from here, you don't have to ever worry about getting crappy fretted songs or out of synch songs, all of these songs have been tested and modified to be on time and almost perfect to the actual notes of a guitar, Enjoy! :D


One more thing, if you noticed this file "song + drums.ogg" its for if you have "Guitar Hero Three Control Panel" and you want to add that song but it wont allow
the drums to go in because you can only insert guitar,rythm, and band audio, so yea it helps.


File Hosting:

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (2001)

  1. To End The Rapture (theeDeadlights & davidsevenfold) - Expert Only [G] *Broken Link

  2. Turn the Other Way

  3. Darkness Surrounding (xXCrisS) - Expert Only [G]

  4. The Art of Subconscious Illusion (MopHead) - Expert Only [G/D]

  5. We Come Out at Night (xXCrisS) - Expert Only [G]

  6. Lips of Deceit

  7. Warmness on the Soul

  8. An Epic of Time Wasted (xXCrisS) - Expert Only [G]

  9. Breaking Their Hold

10. Forgotten Faces (xXCrisS) - Expert Only [G]

11. Thick and Thin (xXCrisS) - Expert Only [G]

12. Streets

13. Shattered by Broken Dreams

Waking the Fallen (2003)

  1. Waking the Fallen (davidsevenfold & neostriker73) - [G-All/B-Xprt/D-Xprt]

  2. Unholy Confessions (BrianSpud33 & davidsevenfold) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  3. Chapter Four (davidsevenfold & neostriker73) - [G-Xprt/D-Xprt+,Xprt]

  4. Remenissions (davidsevenfold & mrstuprigge) - [G-Xprt/D-Xprt+,Xprt]

  5. Desecrate Through Reverence

  6. Eternal Rest (xXCrisS) - Expert Only [G]

  7. Second Heartbeat

  8. Radiant Eclipse

  9. I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1) (MopHead) - Expert Only [G/D]

10. I Won't See You Tonight (Part 2) (MopHead) - Expert Only [G/D]

11. Clairvoyant Disease

12. And All Things Will End (MopHead) - Expert Only [G] *Broken Link

City of Evil (2005)

  1. Beast and the Harlot (GHSH) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  2. Burn it Down

  3. Blinded in Chains (Grinnz) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  4. Bat Country (GHWoR) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M] Pro Drums

  5. Trashed and Scattered 

  6. Seize the Day (RB DLC) (NMT) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  7. Sidewinder 

  8. The Wicked End 

  9. Strength of the World 

10. Betrayed 

11. M.I.A.

Avenged Sevenfold (2007)

  1. Critical Acclaim (RB DLC) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  2. Almost Easy (GH5 DLC) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  3. Scream (GH5 DLC) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  4. Afterlife (GH5 DLC) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D/M]

  5. Gunslinger (DaBackStabber666 & davidsevenfold) - [G-Xprt,Hrd]

  6. Unbound (The Wild Ride) (MopHead) - Expert Only [G/D]

  7. Brompton Cocktail (wolferacing & zct92coount) - Expert Only [G]

  8. Lost 

  9. A Little Piece of Heaven (furiouss & davidsevenfold) - [G-Xprt/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]

10. Dear God

Diamonds in the Rough (2008)

  1. Demons (xlarkascendingx & davidsevenfold) - [G-Xprt,Hrd,Mdm]

  2. Girl I Know (AllThatsLeft145) - Expert Only [G]

  3. Crossroads (AllThatsLeft145) - Expert Only [G]

  4. Flash Of The Blade (AllThatsLeft145) - Expert Only [G]

  5. Until The End

  6. Tension

  7. Walk

  8. The Fight

  9. Dancing Dead (AllThatsLeft145 & Alucard0691RB) - Expert Only [G]

10. Almost Easy (CLA Mix)

11. Afterlife (Alternate Version)

Nightmare (2010)

  1. Nightmare (DaBackStabber666 & Typhus) - All Difficulties! [G/B/D]

  2. Welcome to the Family (Anarchy24 & furiouss) - [G-Xprt/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]

  3. Danger Line (FlameChucks76 & furiouss) - [G-Xprt/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]

  4. Buried Alive (wolferacing, Typhus & furiouss) - [G-All/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]

  5. Natural Born Killer

  6. So Far Away (davidsevenfold) - Expert Only [G]

  7. God Hates Us (joeromin) - Expert Only [G]

  8. Victim (xXCrisS & furiouss) - [G-Xprt/D-Xprt+,Xprt]

  9. Tonight the World Dies

10. Fiction (Thebocaj, davidsevenfold & furiouss) - [G-Xprt,Hrd/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]

11. Save Me (hickmann & furiouss) - [G-Xpert/D-Xprt+,Xprt,Hrd]

12. Lost It All

13. 4 A.M.  (Syfatalityz) - Expert Only [G]

Songs Featuring Or Covered By Avenged Sevenfold

X. Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover) (davidsevenfold) - Expert Only [G]

X. Synyster Gates Guitar Battle Pack (Compiled Solos) (DSP21) - Expert Only [G]

X. Synyster Gates Live Solo (davidsevenfold) - Expert Only [G]