aka ChezMaster9000

Breaking Warriors




hey guys, im getting back into making new graphics, i joined up with "Meristation300" to develope what im thinking is practicaly a "fan based" game
"Guitar Hero: Breaking Warriors"

More Changes Here!!
its not in the credits yet, but Metallicaholic666 and Worldrave contributed to this project!

go watch the video on "GH: Breaking Warriors" his idea first ;D
Meristation300's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Meristation300

basically, were going all out this time, changing all that we can with the graphics, i think were gonna completely change GH:Aerosmith, i still dont know, anyways, heres a detailed breakdown on the graphics you see in this video, and the graphics im planning on doing

in video:
- New Sidebars from Scratch (WIP)
- New Notes (GH3 shape) (WIP)
- Neck (crossbreed with GH5 and GHVH necks)
- Big Sparks (WIP)
- Pixel Perfect Fretbuttons :D

planning so far:
- Tails
- New Star Spin Gems
- Coding (this is a maybe)
- Menus, Fonts
- Setlist GFX
- Intro Videos
- Rockmeter, Scoremeter (dont know what to do yet)
- ingame strings
- Frets (under the notes)
- Hitflames (at least try and make better ones)

(more to come)