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Custom GH/PS Textures

GH3 Modification Objectives

1. Recreate A Better Strikeline [X]

2. Newer StarPower Star Animations [X]

3. Change Necks [X]

4. QB ReCoding (GHTCP Messes Up Doing this, Will Not Do This Till Handled Release is Available)


Graphical Patch Releases

D7X's GFX Patcher V1

- Strikeline
- New Tails
- New StarGems Animations
- GHWoR HitFlame Animations
- ReMastered Sidebars
- GHWoR Neck (All Characters)
  Credits to air15
- Fretlines
  Credits to filipeleira/Cyclops
- New Gems
  Greately edited these by filipeleira/Cyclops >Original Credits: Drihscol

Official Release Date: February 9th, 2011

All Downloadable Content Will Now Be in The Downloads Page :D

  <<< Looks retarded, oh well, ill make one later :P

Using D7X Pack Manually Information

To get started, open GHTCP > Game Management > Texture Explorer

wait for that to load, now go to Data > ZONES > global.pak.xen > global_gfx.tex

Now you "Replace" every image from my pack according to the names i gave them, for example "Image 2" from the globals should be replaced with "Image 2" from my pack

IMPORTANT: if you get this message (you will, trust me)

Always, (AND I MEAN ALWAYS) click on "No"

After all is well and done, you now click on  "Rebuild Container"

And Your Done!! :D


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