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How to import D7X Pack V2  ~ credits to sean/beanriffs

D7X Pack V2, 5/3/2011 (Fixed some incorrections that I didnt notice before)

Main Feature from this download is the Fret Buttons, theres no "left over crap" around those image files, they are perfect rips, color still had to be adjusted manually :o

>It could have been up earlier than today, but mediafire wouldn't load :l

D7X Pack V1, Install by program, or manually :D

>> Program Patching has been discontinued for the newest graphics, its just too much of a hassle :o <<


Please be aware that you should always backup your files before patching!!

This is for version 1.31 GH3 PC, if your game is not up to date, update it now!
>>>Get V 1.31 update for GH HERE<<<
[The D7X patcher Edits your "ZONES/global" files, back those up!]
**if your GH3 has the battery IMG in the corner, dont use this one** 

This is for the GH3 version that has a battery in the bottom left corner of your
screen, its v 1.31 but the update added battery to compatible laptops
[The D7X patcher Edits your "ZONES/global" files, back those up!]
**make sure to check if your laptop was compatible to have the battery*

This contains all the images that were used in the Patcher exe's, its available
for those who weren't able to use my patchers, or for those that like the long
way or if you just want to use the images to do your own sh**
(give proper creds according to top)

Since the upload for the GHWoR Neck Patcher keeps failing, im just gonna give
you guys the neck and if you dont know how to put it ingame, i put up a tutorial
that "CaptainToasteh" made here
>>>check out his channel, he's a great charter, just click on his name :D<<<

Hybrid Notes, 5/4/2011

Basically, these notes are a hybrid between GH3 and GH5

didn't expect that huh? :D


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