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Guitar Hero Three Control Panel

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Guitar Hero Three Control Panel

*Announcing the first ever Guitar Hero III Control Panel that doesn't expire!!!

   You heard right!"


Alright so if you ever thought of modifying your "Guitar Hero III" or "Aerosmith" (PC of course)

well you should ONLY use this program, it is highly recommended



In case you guys didn't know, once you use GHTCP, it will modify your game so that you can just strum the    Green Button ONCE to unlock all normal cheats                                                                                                         Red Button will do the "unlock all songs" cheat                                                                                                         Yellow Button will do the "unlock everything" cheat


*Unmodified GH3 PC updated to V1.3/1.31 OR GH:Aerosmith.

*You need to have .NET installed.

*Download the Mp3 conversion library when the program asks you too.

Before Updating GHTCP:


  • GHTCP Does Not automatically carry over tier or setlist information. However, it’s very simple to transfer them over to the new version.
  • To carry over your setlists, export all the setlists you wish to save before installing the new version of GHTCP. You can learn how to export setlists in this section.
  • After exporting install the new version of GHTCP and import your saved setlists.
  • Presto! A nice new version of GHTCP with all your songs intact.


GHTCP V2.0.4 < Released 10/4/2010

GH3 Patch V1.31 < Latest Known Patch

Changing The Neck

From the main GHTCP screen, click Game Management then go to the Texture Explorer (CTRL + I).
Open up Data - Pak.
From here, you can modify the fretboards of either select characters or all of them if you choose. The following sections and files are listed below for their respective characters:

Axel_1.pak.xen - axel1c1tex - Image 2
Casey_1.pak.xen - casey1c1tex - Image 1
Izzy_1.pak.xen - izzy1c1tex - Image 1
Johnny_1.pak.xen - j1c1tex - Image 2
Judy_1.pak.xen - judy1c1tex - Image 1
Lars_1.pak.xen - lars1c1tex - Image 1
Midori_1.pak.xen - midori1c1tex - Image 1
Morello_1.pak.xen - morello1c1tex - Image 1
Ripper_1.pak.xen - ripper1c1tex - Image 2
RockGod_1.pak.xen - rockgod1c1tex - Image 1
Satan.pak.xen - satan1c1tex - Image 2
Xavier_1.pak.xen - xavier1c1tex - Image 2

Importing/Exporting Setlist and Tier Settings:

  • Once you’ve gotten a tier or setlist all edited to your liking, you can export the settings to share or backup. Remember - backups are good!
  • To export Setlist settings (it will be an .sgh file), go to File > Export SGH (Setlist).
  • To export Tier settings (it will be a .tgh file), go to File > Export TGH (Tier).
  • To import Setlist settings from an .sgh file, go to Game Management > SGH Setlist Switch. Select your .sgh from the dialog that pops up.
  • To import Tier settings from a .tgh file, go to Game Management > TGH Tier Switch. Select your .tgh from the dialog that pops up.


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